Ghost Veteran Rewards

All Ghost coin holders that have 20,000 Ghost or more in a wallet are able to receive monthly rewards.

Where do Veteran Rewards come from?

Every 2 minutes a block is created and Ghost is allocated to Veterans, Stakers, and the Development Fund.

If you are a 20,000+ Ghost Holder you need to create a public transaction with your total balance to be eligible. Follow the steps below.


(Quick Tip) Send all of your funds publicly to your own receive address in the desktop wallet.

1) First, find your own receiving address. On the desktop wallet go to the “Receive” page on the sidebar. Then, it is very important that you go to the “Public address” tab. Copy your public address. This address starts with a “G”.

2) Now you will create a new transaction and send funds to yourself with your own public address, that you just copied. If your balances are in “Anon” or “Blind” you will need to convert them back to “Public.” To do this go to send, then click the “Convert Public > Private” tab and convert them to public.

3) On the desktop wallet “click Send” on the sidebar. On the “Pay From” panel select “Public” balance. Then put in your “Receiver’s address.” Make sure this is your own public address from earlier.

4) In the “Amount to send” you can simply check the “Send All” box, then click “Make Payment”.

5) There will be a notification that the transaction was sent. To verify click the “Overview” sidebar. Then look in recent transactions. You will see “STANDARD → STANDARD” at the top of the list, along with the amount sent.


Currently, the Ghost Veteran payout is scheduled at the end of each month on a 30 day cycle. The Ghost Veteran pool is distributed to all eligible wallets based on how much Ghost they hold in increments of 20,000. Someone with 40,000 Ghost will receive twice as much as someone with 20,000 Ghost. However, someone with 39,999 Ghost will receive the same as someone with 20,000 Ghost.

To verify that you are eligible for your monthly payout go to The addresses are updated live. Look for your public address that you used previously to verify eligibility or your personal coldstaking address. (Warning) Any movement of your funds or use of your wallet could remove you from the list and you will have to do it again.

Make sure you verify your address before each payout. The screenshot takes place at exactly the end of the month 00:00 UTC Time. The current GVR List “resets” each month. You will need to do a public transaction each month until GVR Automation is implemented.

Private Chatroom

All Veterans with 20,000 Ghost or more are eligible to be apart of an exclusive chatroom in telegram. Until a proper voting protocol is implemented, this chatroom is used to help make proper decisions in the best interest of Ghost.

Ask for access in our Official Public Chatroom here