Weekly Update

Ghost Community Update 10/23-10/30

  • Ghost will now have updates every Friday posted on Ghost Veterans, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.
  • Developers are being considered for GhostDai development.

Ghost Website Updates:

  • The staking calculator has been accurately updated on Ghostbyjohnmcafee.com. It now calculates based upon the correct number of veterans and is updated monthly. It also calculates staking and veteran block rewards.
  • The official Ghost desktop wallet can be downloaded separately on the Ghost Veteran resource page for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

GhostX Updates:

  • Now shows USD value of your trade in the swap page.
  • UI update to the layout of the trade menu.
  • GhostX swaps are now automatic. After a 5 sec Accept/Decline option, the swap will execute.
  • Deployed an additional public libp2p signalling server to provide increased reliability and performance for GhostX users connecting to other peers.


  • Google Ads accepted Ghost advertisements.
  • Coinmarketcap banner ads will be created and paid for by donations from a handful of Ghost Veterans. Demo examples are below:

Ghost Exchanges:

  • Ghostx.live – Atomic Swaps (Decentralized)
    Ghost, Btc, Eth, Usdt, Dai, Esh, Uni
  • Mxc – Traditional Exchange
  • HotBit – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt, Ghost/Btc, Ghost/Eth

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