Ghost Update

At block height 139456, Friday January 8th, 1:00-2:00 AM UTC, GHOST will be undergoing both a Core & Desktop Update. Everyone running client version 2.0.7 will need to update to 2.0.8, so you will be able to continue communicating with the blockchain.

2.0.8 resolves several issues with the OSX desktop. It is now properly signed and notarized, allowing it to run much more flawlessly. This includes Github issues number 95 and 96. Automatic updates will now be released and allow our desktop wallet to be worked on easier in the future. OSX users should see an increase in their desktop performance.

If you have your coins stored on an exchange, it is highly recommended that you send them to your desktop wallet or to GhostX temporarily. Exchanges have already been notified of the update and are cooperating with us fully. You will be able to use the exchanges again after the update.

Ghost Staking Highlights

  • Stake your Ghost privacy coins to earn passive income at 7.2% APR with no lock-in period. You can withdraw the coins at any time.
  • Become a Ghost Veteran by owning more than 20,000 Ghost privacy coins and you will earn extra income, totaling up to 23% APR.
  • Both cold and hot staking is supported. Checkout the current list of cold staking pools and our coldstaking guide here.

Ghost Exchanges

The $GHOST privacy coin can be acquired at any one of the following exchanges. Download the Ghost Desktop wallet first to store coins in your own wallet and earn by staking. You can find the download links on our main menu at the top of the page.

  • – Atomic Swaps (Decentralized)
    Ghost, Btc, Eth, Usdt, Dai, Esh, Uni, Link, Kseed, Nexo and Drc
  • MXC – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt – USA not allowed without VPN, 0.10 Ghost Withdrawal Fee
  • HOTBIT – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt, Ghost/Btc, Ghost/Eth – USA Allowed, 11 Ghost Withdrawal Fee
  • STEX – Traditional Exchange – Ghost/Eth

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