Ghost Update 11/14



  • Starting today, Ghost Community updates will go out every second week on Saturday
  • 14,754,945 $GHOST coins in circulation as of November 14, 2020

Ghost Veteran Rewards:

  • The monthly Ghost Veteran block reward payment was distributed for the month of October
  • 554 Ghost Veterans split 129,000 $GHOST coins averaging about 233 $GHOST per Veteran

Ghost ERC20 to Mainnet Swap:

GhostX Update:

  • 29 GhostX issues are grouped into the GitHub Milestone “ghostx stable 1”
  • There are 21 open issues and 8 closed issues

Ghost Exchanges:

  • – Atomic Swaps (Decentralized)
    Ghost, Btc, Eth, Usdt, Dai, Esh, Uni
  • Mxc – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt 0.10 Ghost Withdrawal Fee, USA not allowed without VPN
  • HotBit – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt, Ghost/Btc, Ghost/Eth USA Allowed, 11 Ghost Withdrawal Fee

Don’t see your favorite token listed on GhostX? Follow this listing guide to have any ERC20 token listed, free of charge.

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