Community Update

Nov. 28th – Dec. 12th

Spotlight Activities:

  • 2,000 Ghost Giveaway, Christmas Dec. 25th.
    20 lucky followers will win 100 ghost.
    Follow to enter and win.
  • Ghost has developers working on GVR Automation. This has been made possible by donations from the Ghost community.
  • Blueprints for a decentralized on chain voting system is being prepared.

GVR Automation:

  • The system being built allows veterans to collect their rewards directly from the blockchain. Your wallet will become eligible to receive veteran rewards by holding 20,000+ Ghost and by doing a public to public transfer. You will be added to a payee list of existing veterans waiting for their block rewards. When it is your turn, the next block reward will be paid directly to your wallet. It will remain your turn until your total number of vets have been paid, then you will go to the end of the list.
  • Have 100,000 Ghost? You will receive 5 blocks in a row. Completely fair, trustless, and automated. This development is currently being tested and is going to be offered as a solution for the present centralized system. The community will ultimately get to decide whether it should be implemented. Everyone will have the chance to help improve this process and make it better, both today and in the future.
  • A full presentation of this amazing work will be demonstrated to the active members of the community. This work will allow Ghost to be more free, decentralized, and trustless.
  • The current system sends 6 ghost per block to a genesis wallet. The rewards then pile up and get distributed manually once a month. This system is being phased out because it is slow, unreliable, and involves counter party risk.

GhostX Updates:

Ghost Staking Highlights:

  • Stake your Ghost privacy coins to earn passive income at 7.2% APR with no lock-in period. You can withdraw the coins whenever you like.
  • Become a Ghost Veteran by owning more than 20,000 Ghost privacy coins and you will earn extra income, totaling up to 23% APR.
  • Both cold and hot staking is supported. Checkout the current list of cold staking pools and our coldstaking guide here.

Ghost exchanges:

The $GHOST privacy coin can be acquired at any one of the following exchanges. Download the Ghost Desktop wallet first to store coins in your own wallet and earn by staking. You can find the download links on our main menu at the top of the page.

  • – Atomic Swaps (Decentralized)
    Ghost, Btc, Eth, Usdt, Dai, Esh, Uni, Link, Kseed, Nexo and Drc
  • MXC – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt – USA not allowed without VPN, 0.10 Ghost Withdrawal Fee
  • HOTBIT – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt, Ghost/Btc, Ghost/Eth – USA Allowed, 11 Ghost Withdrawal Fee

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