Community Update

Dec. 12th – Dec. 26th

Ghost Core Update

Ghost will be having a Core Update in January, containing several required updates for the longevity of Ghost. More information regarding exact details will be released very soon.

Ghost Desktop Wallet

$1,500.00 has been allocated from the development fund to fix several operating issues within the desktop wallet. Some of these issues being fixed are listed below on GitHub (#95 & #96).

Christmas Giveaway

30 Followers on Twitter have been randomly selected to receive 100 Ghost. Congratulations to everyone that won and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas. All “Winners” have been contacted on Twitter.

Ghost Roadmap Update (Draft)

Ghost will be hiring a seasoned professional to create a new interactive roadmap for the main website. Below is a sample of the rough draft that will be handed over for improvements:

Ghost Roadmap 2021 Update

Automated Ghost Veteran Rewards (In Progress)

This will replace the old, centralized system which required a third party and involved a tedious manual process to distribute the Veteran rewards to the community. A simple public to public transaction will allow you to receive your Ghost Veteran rewards directly from the blockchain.

On-Chain Governance (In Progress)

Voting is a crucial requirement for any project to claim decentralization. The old way of voting was subject to manipulation and is difficult to track due to third-party reliance. On-chain voting allows users to propose new ideas and suggest improvements to the Ghost ecosystem straight from the core wallet. Users having a say in how the project moves forward gives Ghost a high level of transparency and direction, which is required within this space.

New Exchanges (In Progress)

Allowing Ghost to be purchased from many reliable sources will be a major key to our future success. Ghost is pursuing multiple exchanges with good functionality and user-friendly design.

New Website (In Progress)

An updated version of the main website will be created by a qualified professional to revitalize Ghost and show the world Ghost’s true utility and potential.

Hardware Wallet (In Progress)

The integration of Ghost within a hardware wallet is a crucial step in improving the safety of Ghost funds held in long term storage. Users will be able to receive staking rewards without risking funds on a virus-prone computer. Ghost is pursuing relationships with several key players in the industry.

GHOST-DAI (Planned)

Shop with confidence knowing your purchases are private and your funds are stable. Ghost-Dai will be a private stable coin that aims to provide stability from reliable stores of value, while also retaining the privacy features of Ghost. Fees generated from Ghost-Dai will be controlled by Ghost holders.

Bounty Portal (Planned)

A tool allowing users and developers to submit proposals and set bounties for development, marketing, and adoption goals relating to the Ghost ecosystem, which can be voted directly on-chain.

iOS/Android Mobile Wallet App (Planned)

This will be a mobile app made specifically for the Ghost community available in the Android & iOS app stores. You will be able to operate this wallet just like the desktop versions.

P2P Marketplace (Planned)

Take control over your business and finances with a P2P marketplace. Listings and purchases will be made simple with user-friendly features that are flexible to your needs. Decide when, where, and how you want your product bought, with fees starting under 1%.

Encrypted Ghost Chat (Planned)

An integrated chat where you can communicate with your friends, buyers, sellers, and the Ghost community free of prying eyes. Eventually, this will become the preferred method of communication within the Ghost community.

Wrapped Ghost on Ethereum (Planned) 

Wrapped Ghost will give everyone access to billions of dollars of liquidity on the Ethereum platform. This will allow Ghost to be traded on Uniswap and eventually integrated with DeFi apps like Aave, Maker, and more. Wrapped Ghost could be minted by burning mainnet Ghost, or vice versa, creating a 2-way bridge between the Ghost and Ethereum chains. 

Ghost Development Contest

Tired of sitting on the sidelines? Show the Ghost Community your talent and commitment! Any contribution to Ghost will qualify, along with potential job opportunities in the future. Email your code, artwork, media, publications, etc. to Winners will be selected Feb. 1st, 2021.

Ghost Staking Highlights

  • Stake your Ghost privacy coins to earn passive income at 7.2% APR with no lock-in period. You can withdraw the coins whenever you like.
  • Become a Ghost Veteran by owning more than 20,000 Ghost privacy coins and you will earn extra income, totaling up to 23% APR.
  • Both cold and hot staking is supported. Checkout the current list of cold staking pools and our coldstaking guide here.

Ghost Exchanges

The $GHOST privacy coin can be acquired at any one of the following exchanges. Download the Ghost Desktop wallet first to store coins in your own wallet and earn by staking. You can find the download links on our main menu at the top of the page.

  • – Atomic Swaps (Decentralized)
    Ghost, Btc, Eth, Usdt, Dai, Esh, Uni, Link, Kseed, Nexo and Drc
  • MXC – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt – USA not allowed without VPN, 0.10 Ghost Withdrawal Fee
  • HOTBIT – Traditional Exchange
    Ghost/Usdt, Ghost/Btc, Ghost/Eth – USA Allowed, 11 Ghost Withdrawal Fee
  • STEX – Traditional Exchange – Ghost/Eth

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